At Scottsdale Child Care & Learning Centers, our families love our school-wide focus on education and character! We believe that every child is a precious, God-given being, with basic needs (social, physical, emotional, and intellectual). It is our preschool’s purpose to meet these needs in every aspect of our programs.

Our North Scottsdale daycare facilities aim to build good attitudes and confidence. We are passionate about teaching positive skills and incorporating our Christian values: how to make good choices, work independently, how to display proper manners, how to take responsibility, how to share, empathize, be caring, show honesty, and be respectful to others. These are just a few of the character skills that are integrated daily in the life of our little ones!

All of our programs from Infants through Private Kindergarten are structured to incorporate fun, engaging, and age and developmentally appropriate activities alongside the Arizona Early Learning Standards and Developmental Guidelines. All of our certified teachers focus on gearing their teaching toward the individual growth and development of each child while still seeking to reach classroom goals, developmental milestones, and academic successes throughout the year!

Infants and young toddlers come to Scottsdale Child Care & Learning Centers to receive tender, loving care in a stimulating environment. We encourage the little ones in their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive milestones throughout every day — from rolling over to feeding themselves to engaging in puppet play, we see every achievement as a chance to celebrate your little one’s growth! Also, all the routine and sweet moments in your baby’s day are recorded for your enjoyment everyday. This important age group comes first at our school – located right next to the front offices – as an extra hand is often helpful to keep our babies comforted and happy!

Many studies have proven that children thrive within consistency, so our Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classrooms are structured to have individual, consistent schedules that incorporate our Cross Curricular Thematic Curriculum and the Arizona Early Learning Standards. We focus on a new theme, letter, number, color, shape, and character concept every week through hands-on arts and crafts, experiments, and projects. Then according to age and ability, our lead teachers challenge the children to learn other concepts such as writing and phonics, counting and cardinality, sorting and matching, exploration and science play, and tasks like coloring and cutting and pasting. In addition to these academics, we focus on building your little one’s character, citizenship, and socialization. We incorporate attributes and actions such as love, joyfulness, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control into our curriculum to help lay a foundation of positive self worth and character in our children.

Our classrooms are divided for the purpose of providing small age groups so that the children are all on the same page as they learn. The friendships they make are able to blossom as they graduate together from one room to the next.

Check out our two’s preschoolthree’s preschoolpre-kindergarten, and private kindergarten program pages for classroom schedules and lesson plans!