The fun never ends at our Scottsdale daycares as we offer many different extra-curricular activities to bring excitement, variety, and new learning opportunities to our weekly curriculum.

All throughout the year, our weekly thematic curriculum allows us to teach new topics to our students. Many of these weekly preschool themes generate special guest speakers as well as classroom party ideas.  So, every month we have parent participation parties in each classroom, and throughout the year we are visited by special guests whom teach us about some of our weekly themes!

At Scottsdale Childcare & Learning Centers, we take pride in the diversity of the activities in our daily classroom schedules; but we can’t fit everything in for the length of time some students desire. So we offer extra-curricular classes that expand on subjects we learn about in class. These preschool classes include Tech Kids: Computers & Technology, Gymnastics and Dance, Spanish Class, Music Class, Cooking & Science, & our Little Olympians Sports Program for preschoolers!

Contact us to find out more about our daycare’s extra-curricular activities!