Our Private Kindergarten Program equips your child socially and academically for an effortless transition into first grade. Our kindergarten students’ recipe for success includes a large dose of our dynamic and literature rich curriculum perfectly seasoned with the positive and low ratio classroom environment! Our goal is to foster a learning atmosphere where students develop independence and make choices, understand and practice self-discipline, and learn how to socially interact with their peers for their best academic and social development! We believe students are set up for the most success when they are positively encouraged in their identify and skills, feel confidently equipped for the tasks at hand, and feel the safety in knowing their expectations for the school day and school year! We are confident all of the children whom graduate our Private Kindergarten will enter into first grade with flying colors!

Summary of Benefits

When you enroll your child in our kindergarten program, there are many blessings that come included in that decision:

  • One of the major benefits your child will experience in our Private Kindergarten class is the advantage of one-on-one time with our kindergarten teacher. Unlike the public schools that enroll up to 27 children in one classroom, weccap our kindergarten class ratio at 20 students, offering each child the opportunity to connect and grow with our qualified Kindergarten Teacher.
  • Another benefit that we provide in our Scottsdale Private Kindergarten is the security your child feels with knowing “this is where I belong for the day,” instead of the stress of having to be bussed around to before and after school care. In addition, all of our extra curricular classes are offered on-site, so children can easily transition from their Kindergarten class to our multi-purpose room for Music Class or Cooking and Science or even Spanish Class. See a full list of extra curricular enrichment your child can enjoy HERE!
  • We follow the Paradise Valley and Scottsdale school district attendance schedules; however, we offer the benefit to parents of being open and hosting Kindergarten activities even on the days the school district closes! This is key for our working or busy families and for our students’ feeling of safety and consistency.
  • Also, economically, our Kindergarten Tuition is  not only competitive but it is “all inclusive” — we include Kindergarten curriculum, a full day of planned and engaging activities, before and after care, breakfast, lunch, and snacks into your child’s Kindergarten tuition!

A View into Our Curriculum

We have been told by countless teachers and parents that our graduated students are at the top of their first grade classes. We are able to consistently achieve this by maintaining a dynamic and literature rich curriculum for our private kindergarten classes. We base our curriculum on both Arizona Learning Standards and a certified Reading and Math curriculum plan by MacMillan / McGraw Hill.  Most of our students are commonly learning to read by mid-year as well as excelling in our other main subjects including mathematics, social studies, health and physical development, science, music, cooking, and fine arts. The assignments and focuses for each week are always provided in detail by our kindergarten teachers on the Kindergarten Daily Schedule & Lesson Plan that they prepare for each week.

The reading program mentioned above is titled Learning to Read, Write, and Listen by MacMillan / McGraw Hill. This has become the time proven program for us as we have been using it for over 15 years! The program teaches the children to learn the names of letters, how to write the letters, and what sound each letter represents by going through letter books each week. As the school year progresses, our students learn how to blend the letter sounds to form words, and learn to read simple stories. The reading program is constructed in a way that every concept introduced is able to build upon the previous skill learned.

We use the comprehensive Envision Math Program to teach our kindergarten students their arithmetic. The concepts that are covered in this program include numbers and operations, algebraic thinking, geometry, measurement, data analysis, probability, and problem solving. Our students become advanced in their mathematics skills throughout the school year because of this fantastic, thorough program.

Attendance and Schedule

Kindergarten students must attend five (5) days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., with the option of being full day or half day students. For the half day students, snacks and school supplies are included every day. For the full day students, we provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks in the morning and school supplies.

Our Kindergarten school year schedule begins in August and ends with our Graduation Ceremony in May. We follow the Paradise Valley and Scottsdale school district attendance schedules; however, we offer the benefit to parents of being open and hosting Kindergarten activities even on the days the school district closes! We also offer summer camp throughout the summer vacation for five through nine-year-olds. Check out our Summer Program info HERE!

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