The top priority at Scottsdale Learning Centers is the safety and well-being of every child.

Our next highest priority at our preschools is to truly serve our Arizona families. We strive to accomplish this by providing an array of helpful services for you when your child is in our care.

  • We have flexible hours from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • We are open year-round, Monday through Friday.
  • There is an open door policy for parents. Come and check on your child whenever you like.
  • We provide diapers for your little one, as well as helping hands when potty-training time arrives for your child.
  • We provide breakfast, lunch, and all snacks throughout the day, including jar food and rice cereal for our infants.
  • We provide nap-time mats, sheets, and blankets for each individual child, which are laundered at our schools.
  • Our teachers exceed the required amount of training by the state, and our monthly training classes are also open to Scottsdale Child Care Parents.
  • We offer gymnastics and dance classes.
  • Your child can start learning computer skills with our computer class.
  • We offer holiday and summer camps for our students school-age siblings.
  • We’re all about safety here. We offer safe and age-appropriate playground equipment so that your child can have fun safely.
  • Unlike some centers, you don’t pay for the whole day. You pay only for the time your child is in the center.
  • Tuition payment can be done automatically through Tuition Express.

Contact us to hear more about our services!