I love Scottsdale Learning Center! My daughter attended the school from age 3 to 6 years. Since she missed the cut of date of Kindergarten in PVUSD, she attended Kindergarten last year. Instead of placing her in 1st grade this year, I had her start kindergarten again. (If she started first grade, she would have been the youngest in all of the 6 first grade classes.) When she was at SLC, she learned how to read, count to 100 by 1′s, 2′s, 5′s, and 10′ s and she learned how to add and subtract. This year she is in the top of her class. While her kindergartener class mates are learning how to read, she has mastered the first 200 Frye’s sight words, scored at a 1.5 on her AR placement (1st grade 5 months), and scored above average for DIBELS. She is pulled out of her class to work with the 1st grade teacher for math. I give all thanks and praise to SLC for teaching my daughter so much! I wish they continued all the way through high school. 
The teachers are PHENOMENAL! Ms. Bree, Ms. Jamie, Ms. Pat, Ms. Hope, and the rest of the staff are THE BEST! They are so caring, loving and amazing! Every morning my daughter would get ready for school by herself. (Even on the weekends she would get up at 7:00 am and get ready for school. ) 
When my daughter graduated from the Kindergarten program, she cried. She did not want to leave. Ms. Bree taught dance and my daughter loved it! Everyday she would come home showing us what new dance and moves she learned. 
I have no problem recommending parents to attend SLC. This is the best school in the Valley! 

-Ruthie W.

This place is amazing.  My son started at 8 months old and is now almost 2 and he is in his 3rd class.  Each time he moves up an age level I’m sad because I love his teachers and then I meet the new teachers and I love them too!  
From the directors to the teachers to the lunch lady – they are all awesome!  They love and kiss my son and treat him like family.  His teachers hug him so lovingly when they see him in the morning – he runs into their arms each day.  It really feels like home there – next best thing to having him home with me.  When I leave for work I feel so comforted that he is in good hands.  love, love it there!

– Alia S.

SLC Wow what a wonderful place for my child to have been the past four years. Tomorrow is his last day as he will be starting kindergarten on Wednesday. He has learned so much where do I start. Every person that has help guide my son has been so kind and I have been so blessed to have had the peace of mind knowing that they treat each child that way. He has learned so many skills that has help shape a great foundation for learning. If I ever had any concerns they were address always with kindness and answers. I know that the next chapter for my son is going to go smooth because of all he has learned at SLC. I want to thank each and every person that has help shape a positive learning experience for my child. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Vanessa C. Brown

We still deeply miss SLC and all you lovely ladies. Being there was the best year for my son, and I appreciate all the time everyone took in shaping my son’s outlook on school.

Cheri Abel

I completely agree with TC. SCCLC is one of the rare “day cares” that actually focuses on the kids… this is not a babysitting facility – they actually educate and work on forming kids into active, respectful, happy little people. There is always an open and welcome line of communication with parents, and the tuition policies are very parent-friendly. I have a toddler and an infant at the Kierland location, and SCCLC is the simply the BEST we’ve experienced or heard of!

Karen Burke Evers

What a wonderful learning experience for little ones, in a very caring, safe environment. We had wonderful teachers, I strongly recommend them.

– By a Parent

Standing ovation to SLC today as three of their former students (now second graders) were recognized for their enthusiasm for learning, creativity, and expressive oral reading skills at Liberty Elementary. The love of learning starts at a very young age, and SLC has mastered the art of igniting this brilliant fire within children. Cheers to you all!!

– Anita Elco

A warm, wonderful environment! We just enrolled our second child after an amazing 2-year experience with our first. Throughout all of the classrooms the teachers are welcoming and genuinely interested in each child. Their meals and snacks are always nutritious and kid-appropriate. The management staff welcomes calls throughout the day from parents wanting to check-in. The kids not only get a chance to play and socialize with other children their own age, but learn wonderful foundational material. An amazing experience!

– Angie Miller

Where do I start?
My daughter has been attending this center for 2 years now.  As an only child with two working adults, it has been a wonderful place for her to grow and learn.  The staff is beyond words.  They are so caring and kind.  The know not only every child’s name, but also the parents.  It is just a joy to be able to trust them with the care of my little one.
She is currently in the pre-K program, and Mrs. Cindy runs a phenomenal classroom.  She has the kids respect (along with the parents).  It is just a continuation of the environment my daughter has been in since day 1.
Mrs. Ricole is the director, and she is always available to answer any concerns that we have.  She and her front desk staff truly offer a lot of help with scheduling and other minor issues that always seem to pop up.
If you get the chance to send your child here, you will not be disappointed in the quality of care.  Worth every penny.

-Carlton W.

The best pre-school ever! The teachers are the most loving, caring and helpful teachers I have ever met. My kids talk about going to school on the weekend to see these girls. My kids learn so much hear, every day day surprise me with something new they learned, a new song, etc… Thank you for the way you care Scottsdale Child Care Center and all the staff.

– Monika M.

Love SLC! All three of my children have attended, and their experiences have been delightful. The teachers are solid, and many familiar faces still there 14 years after my first child attended. Caring, loving, bright teachers and staff. I couldn’t ask for a better or safer place to care for my children.

 – Sheila Cuffari-Agasi

I cannot believe how fast the last 4 years have gone by. Our little miracle is such a blessing. I also cannot begin to express my gratitude to the staff at SLC and the care and compassion they showed my daughter. Backing the Christian values we are teaching her at home along with helping her learn social skills, reading, writing, math, and her favorites, Dance and Music!

-Robert James

SLC is dynamite! My son has been going to SLC since November 2009 and my husband and I could not be more happy. Out of the 13 children that he started out with, 8 of them are still together and in the same class, 2 children are in the class below because of birth dates and 3 children have either moved or stayed at home with mom because of the birth of a new baby. I have NOT heard of one child that has left SLC to go to another school. SLC provides 3 different playgrounds based on your child’s age and physical ability. The infant playground is padded and surround by a security fence that includes age-friendly toys. The toddler playground is huge with plenty of space to run and play. There are plenty of bikes, balls and toys for each child to have one while playing. The grass is artificial on this playground which is great for the toddlers when they take “spills”. The teachers are incredible and the turnover is practically none. All of my son’s teachers have been patient and understanding with regard to teaching my son as he grows and communicating behavioral situations that need more attention when needed. We work as a team! Hands down LOVE SLC!

– McKenzie Simmons

This preschool is far superior to any other child care I have seen or heard of from my friends. The teachers are awesome, my kids have absolutely loved every single one they have had over the years. My eldest is in 1st grade now, and is at the top of his class, which I attribute to Scottsdale Learning Centers. They have always responded with genuine care and action whenever I have had a question or possible concern. Definitely recommend them to anyone!

– Robin Smith

SCCLC is an awesome day care.  The teachers and staff at SCCLC are polite, helpful and really make you feel like you are leaving your child with a family member.  My oldest son did not start day care until after he was 2 yrs old.  We were nervous at first, but soon felt very comfortable dropping our son off at day care every day.  We are still close friends with our oldest son’s first teacher.  Our oldest son went to SCCLC for 3 years before heading off to kindergarten.  His kindergarten teacher lets us know often that he is ahead of the curve in his KG class and we owe a lot of that to SCCLC and how much they worked with our son during those 3 years. Our youngest son has been going to SCCLC for almost 2 years now and he started when he was only 6 months old.  Something that we never considered with our oldest son, but since we were very comfortable with SCCLC, it was a no brainer.  The advancement our of youngest son is far above our oldest son.  In my mind, that is because of the teachers at SCCLC. Before sending our kids to SCCLC, we did not know anyone there.  My sister in law recommended us and I can now call many of the teachers at SCCLC friends.  Its not just drop off and pick up every day.  SCCLC is teaching and giving feedback.  If you ever have any questions, the listen. As for the pricing at SCCLC, I think it is perfect.  They supply food (lunch & snacks) and diapers, they assist in getting our boys potty trained and they only charge for the days that we attend.  Its a perfect fit for our family. SCCLC is one of the best choices that we have made as a family.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.

– TC Anderson

Loving, kind teaching environment. Very clean and organized. Best childcare school in the valley!!! Feel so lucky to have found this school! :-) 

– Taun Adams

Our son James attended SLC for about 4 1/2 years, and he never had a “bad” day.  I attribute that to the positive, strong leadership of the director and front office staff, the loving nature of every staff member, and the investment of ownership.  His teachers loved him and knew what he needed at each phase of development.  We received regular developmental reviews to let us know how James was doing. Elise prepared nutritional snacks and lunches.  There were extra classes that allowed James to explore his interests – music and Spanish.  The few times that we had concerns, we were able to meet privately with Ricole (director) to discuss them, and they were resolved to our satisfaction.  James made great friends at SLC, and he was more than prepared for kindergarten. SLC is the best early childhood center for children, whether you need full time day care or a part time pre-school. Hands down.

-Allie T.

We love SLC. My daughter has been there since she was 10 months old. The teachers are wonderful and my child is learning so many new things. I love the Christian background that goes along with the way they teach. This will hopefully set a very necessary foundation for my child and those around her. 

– Bethany G.

This Child Care Center is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for taking such good care of my little one.

-Brenda M.

We have two little ones (3 and 1) in the SLC system and they both love it (both started at 8 months). I’m always surprised when I hear my 3yr old say something clever or give me the correct answer when I’m quizzing him on something and think, “Where did you learn that?” My wife and also find it fun when he can teach us a new song that he sings with his class. I was also shocked when all the staff that we pass when dropping the kids off could call our kids by name. My 1 yr old almost jumps out of my arms and into her teacher’s when I drop her off. We were referred to this school and haven’t looked back since. Keep up the great work.

– Dave Klann

We have both our daughters at SLC Raintree – we are thrilled with all of the teachers and members of the SLC family! Have now been thru rooms #1-14 in our many years watching them graduate their way thru each class and everyone is FANTASTIC…the best part of all is our daughters are safe, secure, loved, educated, challenged and HAPPY!

– Michele Alldredge Beyer

My son who is now in 1st grade attended and my daughter is currently attending SCCLC. My kids are two years apart but my daughter has had most of the same teachers that my son had. I am very happy to see the same teachers stay for so long. I feel very comfortable in the fact that this school can truly care for and teach my daughter (as they did for my son). I am at stay-at-home mom and one of my favorite aspects of this school is that you do not have to set a schedule and you only pay for the days that your child is there. I also love the Christian based learning. It is very refreshing that there are still people who want to thank God for their lunch!

– By a Parent

My oldest daughter (almost 3!!) loves her teachers and her friends. She’s been at SLC at Raintree since she turned 1 and has progressed through different classrooms and teachers with her same friends. When she came home counting to 10 in Spanish, and telling me about the “whole wide world,” I knew she was in the right place. I looked and looked for daycare before we placed her here, and the moment I walked into SLC at Raintree and Cher told me, “we hold the babies all day, all week long when they first arrive. We’re just like grandma’s house,” I felt like this was the place for my child and now my children. My second daughter (now almost 1) has been attending SLC at Raintree since August. I love this place; it feels like family!

– Jennifer Clark

Enrolling our daughter in Scottsdale Child Care and Learning Center at Raintree has been a wonderful blessing.  One of the most difficult things we have experienced as parents is “letting go” of our daughter and entrusting someone to care for her in a safe and nurturing manner.  Cher and her entire staff are kind and compassionate, and attentive to the individual needs, fears, and concerns of each family.  They have reached beyond our expectations with genuine efforts to make our daughter feel excited about her “new school”. We are always welcomed with a warm smile from Cher and ReAnne, and encouraged to “check-in” at any time throughout the day, which was especially comforting and reassuring in the beginning weeks.  The transition for our daughter has been a pleasant experience and one that we are VERY thankful for.  She has learned to do many new  and exciting things; the daily lesson plans are well-structured and include engaging activities that are age-appropriate and fun art projects; which she really enjoys!  Her teacher, Ms. Angela, always welcomes her with a great BIG hug whenever we enter the class room (tremendously helpful when good-byes are tearful), thank-you Ms. Angela! We are grateful to everyone at Scottsdale Child Care and Learning Center at Raintree who have embraced our daughter in so many thoughtful and kind-hearted ways ~ including Ms. Susie.  Like most parents, we struggle with our daughter’s food “preferences”, and Ms. Susie has been wonderfully helpful in our efforts for her to try new foods (a work in progress!). We would encourage anyone to visit the center when choosing a daycare/ preschool.  Although one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make, it is DEFINITELY one of the best!

– Boris, Teresa & Sophia Najac