Scottsdale Child Care & Learning Centers’ Toddler Program enrolls children that have turned one, are fully walking, and are able to eat table food. With these new developmental abilities, toddlers are ready to tackle more diverse and stimulating activities!

Our certified toddler teachers prepare hands-on learning activities, accompanied with the rest of our developmentally challenging toddler program curriculum, to help advance your toddler’s social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth. Our loving and nurturing teachers also strive to instill a feeling of autonomy and positive self-concept in each child, encouraging the children to grow in skills such as eating on their own, playing socially and independently, exploring new experiences, and communicating with their friends and teachers! These skills and activities — as well as a full report on your child’s feeding, sleeping, and diapering — are documented daily and act as a supplementary form of communication to the daily face-to-face interaction between our parents and teachers. We understand that a personal and communicative relationship with our parents is essential to a child’s success!

We at Scottsdale Learning Centers understand that an abundance of change occurs in your child’s second year, so we have two toddler classrooms at our schools for this very reason. And those two classrooms are very unique from each other to cater to toddlers’ growing needs!

Young Toddlers (12 -18 months)

This younger group of toddlers benefits from an individualized program that still offers a morning and an afternoon nap, providing young toddlers the appropriate rest needed for their development!

Our young toddlers still take their nap times in cribs, eat in highchairs, and are provided with breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day. In addition to all meals, our Young Toddler Program also provides your child with crib linens, diapers, milk, & bibs — all included in your daily cost!

These new walkers love to explore outdoors and indoors, which they are encouraged to do on our fun and safe toddler playground. They also are guided in lots of interesting activities… See our Young Toddler Lesson Plan HERE!

Experienced Toddlers (18-24 months)

Our young toddlers move up to the experienced toddlers group when they showcase a mastery in a couple milestones such as taking one nap a day, moving from a bottle to a sippy cup, and show interest in exploring more challenging curriculum activities. Now that they have much more time on their hands, our older toddlers are introduced to more engaging activities throughout the day, additional outdoor play times, and more hands-on arts and craft times. The Lesson Plan and Daily Schedule for Older Toddlers are packed with exciting activities such as learning centers, circle times, and sensory play to maximize age-appropriate learning development within the play.

By now, toddlers enjoy playing together, making friends, and helping each other learn many new skills. They delight in using their imaginations, as well as their energy, with lots of dancing, running, playing, and laughing with their friends. They learn to sit at the table to create art projects and eat their snacks and meals. They love to clap along and actively learn during circle times. Come tour our childcare to see for yourselves what our toddlers are up to today!