Scottsdale Child Care and Learning Centers’ two-year-old Preschool Program is modeled to challenge and build your child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual abilities. Our classroom schedules are filled with fun activities, stimulating art projects, detailed learning centers, and age appropriate curriculum, which all work together to help develop motor skills, self-help skills, encourage learning and develop confidence in each child.

Monumental advancements in your two-year-old’s abilities are constantly occurring, so we keep up by dividing our two-year-olds into three different two’s preschool classrooms — each classroom building upon the last. Our students who are nearing the age of three have very different skill sets than those who have just turned two! So our two year old students are able to learn with friends that are at similar age and ability, encouraging each other in their growth and socialization.

At Scottsdale Learning Centers, our Cross Curricular Thematic Curriculum consists of unit and literature based learning with a weekly focus on a letter, number, color, shape, and character trait. Our Certified Preschool Teachers build on our curriculum with hundreds of different learning activities that foster language and communication, creativity and imaginative play, fine and gross motor skill work, cognitive and critical thinking skills, math and science exploration, and personal and social skills, which they work in to our weekly Lesson Plan & Daily Schedule

Potty training is a very important part of the life of your two-year-old, thus, it is integrated into each of our daily schedules. Our teachers work in connection with our parents to potty train each child.

Daily reports are available for parents at pick-up time, as well as oodles of artistic creations that you can use to decorate your refrigerator, walls, and workspace!

Please contact the preschool nearest you to secure your child’s spot in our Two’s Preschool Program today!