The Pre-Kindergarten Program at Scottsdale Learning Centers is designed to help our four-year-olds become socially and academically ready for a smooth transition into kindergarten. Our pre-k classes accomplish this by pairing our diverse curriculum with challenging activities and a positive learning environment that parallel those of a kindergarten class.

We strive to create a very unique classroom atmosphere at our Scottsdale preschools, where independence and self-discipline are gained, personal choices are encouraged, and the child knows their expectations for the school day and for the year!  Many families have informed us that because of our highly qualified teachers, our fun learning atmospheres, and the progressive and engaging activities in our pre-kindergarten classrooms, their children have taken the next educational step with confidence, success, and with flying colors!

We offer three Pre-Kindergarten classrooms in each of our Scottsdale Child Care & Learning Centers, teaching children ages 4 and 5. These Pre-K classrooms accept full or part time attendance, so you can customize your child’s enrollment based upon your family’s unique schedule and needs. Each classroom offers its own Pre-Kindergarten Daily Schedule and Lesson Plan that is prepared by the certified lead teacher and guided by the our school’s Cross Curricular Thematic Curriculum and the Arizona Early Learning Standards.

Some of the learning objectives for our Pre-Kinder Program are as follows:

  • Social and Emotional Development: Exploring new experiences, making new friends, socializing within a learning environment, developing trust and security with new caregivers, understanding self-discipline and sharing, controlling impulses, learning in a group setting with friends, making independent choices, and establishing a solid foundation of self concept and positive identity!
  • Math: Counting and cardinality, measuring, graphing numbers and familiar objects we play with everyday, and beginning basic addition and subtraction through play and sorting our toys.
  • Science and Exploratory Learning: Investigating science experiments and engaging our senses, predicting possible outcomes of our arts and crafts, Earth science exploration with our outdoor gardening area, and overall exploring new activities such as cooking, gardening, and creating goopy and messy hands-on science experiments!
  • Social Studies and Community Awareness:
  • Fine Arts: Creating arts and crafts with various materials and tools, exploring new textures and textiles such as play-doh and slime, understanding visual arts and representations, and encouraging creative expression through our imaginations…a pile of arts & craft materials can become a dinosaur, a self-portrait, and even a never before discovered creature!
  • Language Development and Communication Skills: Tracing our numbers, letters, and shapes, writing independently, exploring our phonics and syllables, learning new vocabulary, understanding past, present, and future tenses, learning the ability to express our emotions and needs and wants, and interact socially with our friends!
  • Physical Development and Health and Safety: Fine and gross motor work through writing, cutting and pasting, pinching, and grasping. Learning about personal health and hygiene, body awareness, food groups and nutrition, and our physical well-being.

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